Seafarers Assistant & Placement Services

Licensed by Ministry of Man Power Republic of Indonesia


SEAFARERS.ID is a Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Company that has met the requirements according to the Regulations stipulated by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with Law No. 18 of 2017 and Government Regulation no. 22 Year 2022

SEAFARERS.ID was established by professionals and real devotees who have the relevant experience working in maritime industry and international spheres including maritime and international law for maximum effective and good-quality activity, namely by experienced seafarers and international lawyers, whose families are closely related with sea. From year to year we continued to gain ground against this market. Our main target is supplying with crew and services that meet the highest needs of our partners.

We are proud to service the crewing requirements of the world’s leading shipping companies who share our commitment, core principles and values. Active in all areas of shipping, with a special focus on Cruise Ship and Conventional vessels, our team of professionals connect shipowners, operators and managers with skilled and experienced multi-national human resources, in any position needed, for any vessel type, efficiently, at reasonable cost and in compliance with international shipping standards. We are your one-stop shop for all your crew manning and crew management requirements.

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