Seafarers Competency Assesment

English, Skill & Personality Examination

The maritime industry faces numerous challenges on many fronts in a competitive and depressed commercial market. However, no matter whether the markets are good or bad, the need to find qualified, competent and motivated seafarers remains the same.

The factors that need to be taken into account with respect to crew competence are:

  • The seafarers: multiple nationalities, multiple languages, varying training and education standards, a broad range of qualifications.
  • Costs: the costs of assessing and training seafarers.
  • Balancing training needs and managing them: HR departments, crewing department, DPA, safety department, etc.
  • Turnover of good personnel – crew retention.

Conducting pre-recruitment assessments is one way to prevent unskilled seafarers from being recruited and employed on board.
The English, Skill and Personality test below is an initial screening before sailors enter the next stage of the process.