Seafarers Assistant & Placement Services

Licensed by Ministry of Man Power Republic of Indonesia

Welcome to Indonesian Seafarers Assistant and Placement Services

SEAFARERS.ID is a crew provider company (crewing management) that responds to the challenges of the needs of ship crews for increasing both national and international merchant fleets.

We are committed to observing fair labor practices and treating employees with dignity and respect while
providing a safe working environment. We:
• Provide a safe and healthy workplace.
• Prohibit all forms of forced labor and child labor.
• Ensure compliance with applicable wage and hour laws.
• Promote a diverse workplace free from harassment, discrimination, and abuse.
• Respect legal rights on freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Currently, the growth in crew members has not been balanced by the number of ships. So, we are here to be your partner in providing and managing qualified crew members.


• Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
• Not engage in bribery, corruption, and other fraudulent practices.
• Support fair and open competition.
• Make impartial and objective business decisions.

Our recruitment process begins with a strategic search. We keep our eyes on the lookout for well-educated Indonesian seafarers who thrive on challenge and can adapt to international working environments. Our team seeks strong leadership traits and relevant professional experience among the candidates.

Intending to maintain a ready pool of highly qualified crew, our maritime crew recruitment team follows stringent screening procedures. We do extensive background checking. Through this, we vet that our seafarers have integrity and conscientiousness to fulfill their duties while on the vessel.

Another integral part of our screening is crew certificate compliance. Our team checks crew certificates and documents for authenticity, making sure they have received the required training before they go on board.

Our recruitment team is trained to assess technical and communication competencies through testing and during the interview. We’ve developed rigorous guidelines to evaluate whether a candidate meets the high standards set by the international shipping industry and shares the same dedication SEAFARERS.ID embodies.

Also, our principals, the ship owners and managers, take part in interviewing candidates.

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